Andrey Danilov – singer, actor, voice teacher, scientist, writer. Active member of the International Informatization Academy, Corresponding member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, PhD.  Was born  on 21st of May 1971 in Kazakhstan, in town Alexeevka  region Tselinograd. He came to stage first when he was 10 years old as a reciter, than as a singer. In 1988 after he finished school, he went to School of Music named Tchaikovsky in Alma-Ata, and started in the same time studying the profession of actor in studio «Galjorka». He played some roles in the theatre «Benefice» as a dramatic actor, as well as in two mono-plays on television «About Fedot-the-shooter» (Tselinograd,1992) and «Seven Days The Tired Old God…» (TV- company AML,1994). In the second play he was not only an actor but a screen writer and a director.

Contemporaneously with study at Music School and Theater Studio he singly studied philosophy and as a result of that he wrote essay in 1991  «My Verity» which was published as a book in Saint-Petersburg by publishing office «Ekos». In 1994 was written the novel «How are you coming back…or one day with a superman», in 1998 was written the novel «The last day of superman». All three novels were published as a miscellany «Story of a Superman» in Moscow in 2007 by publishing office Artemida.

1992 he went to the Conservatory named Kurmangasy in Almaty, where he studied singing from famous voice teachers such like Docent Maksutov, celebrated singer of Kasakhstan, and from professor Ermek Serkebajev, the People's Singer of USSR. After Graduating from Conservatory he took private lessons from Victor Dmitrijenko, the voice teacher.

Having graduated from Conservatory,  Andrey Danilov, giving concerts, began practice of teaching singing. Practicing with people, who have no natural singing voice and ear for music, he tried to invent the method, which must make possible the success for every person who likes to sing. This method named «Sound Energy», was invented and proved in practice allowed his students to win approximately 30 laureate titles in competitions of diverse level irrespective of their singing abilities. Some of these students he never saw face to face, the lessons were given over SKYPE.

The merits of Andrey Danilov, as a singer, voice teacher and scientist were awarded public awards "Honorary Worker of creativity" (Russia), "Honorary Member of the Association of Psychologists" (Uzbekistan), as well as  were noted with diplomas and thanksgiving letters from such great doer of culture like Pierre Cardin (France), President of World Championship of Performing Arts Grief О'Neill (USA), President of International Children Festival of Arts and Sports «Kinotavric» Mr.Rudinstain (Russia) and so on.

Researching the sound influence on human psychic and physiology, Andrey remarked, that the correctly adjusted voice is able to cause deep positive changes in human psychic, changing his life to the best. Based on that knowledge, he created the training system «Way to yourself. Development of personality by means of voice». At his trainings the common people, who had never sung before learn to influence their lives consciously by means of own voice. In January 2016, using the results had got from performed trainings he defended the dissertation «Human voice as an instrument of psychic correction of a person and improving of his social communications», having got a scientific degree of PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Psychology.

The scientific career of Andrey Danilov astonishis everybody with its swiftness  – in January 2016 he defended a dissertation after continuous theoretic research and three years long practice, and already in February he was elected as a corresponding member of the International Academy of Psychological Science, and in April 2016 he was elected as an Academist of International Academy of Informatisation. It will not be an exaggeration to say, that the books and the articles of Andrey Danilov became a sensation not only in the scientific world, but also among the wide public, because to the first time were found the mechanisms of voice role by emergence of psycological complexes and clenches. It was also given a clear, exact, consistent and scientifically proved method of getting rid such clenches by means of our voice.

 Researching  the effect, which the sound make on humans psychic and physic, Andrey noticed that the correctly configured voice is able to cause profound positive changings in humans psychic, so that his life turns to the best. Basing on this knowledge he invented trainings «Way to Yourself. Development of Personality by means of Voice».  The common people, which have never  sung before, learn consciously to influence their lives by means of own voice.

Andrey Danilov wrote the book «Sound Energy. Our Voice Create New Reality», which was published very begin 2014 in Moscow by publishing office «Peroо».  The book of Andrey Danilov «Psychology of Sound» relates about the results of his researching and practical works at voice. The book was also issued in Moscow, by publishing house «Pero» in 2015.

Currently Andrey Danilov has a broad concert and teaching activities, performs in different countries of the world not only as a singer, but also as a teacher and trainer. He is the constant member of jury of International singing competitions.

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