Comment of book of Andrey Danilov given by Alla Revenko, the creative director of Canadian Success Academy.

June 1, 2014

Comment given by Alla Revenko, the creative director of Canadian Success Academy: 

I am very glad to express my recognition, gratefulness and respect to Andrey Danilov, who is the author of a very useful book, which transforms people’s lives "Sound Energy. Our Voice Creates New reality". 

The book is easy to read, it enriches with absolutely new understanding of sound power, sound magic and possibilities hidden in the voice of each person, in our unique sound of body and soul. 

The book inspirits the reader to wake his unfeigned nature by means of own unique voice, which is able to be revived, to be freed owing to the method within a few lessons. It is important to be said, each person can master it, not only people, who are given by natural talent for singing. 

The author points, that each person has his own true sound, which being discovered, is able to free the soul, to discover own potential and get back own integrity, which allows to live in the new level of self-realization.

I am engaged in audio technologies, which use the sound power for humans transformation, and I know how important is it for people to understand, that the true sound, which can get back our somatic and spirit health, is hidden inside of us. 

Thanks to Andrey Danilov for his practical method of developing voice and his profound comprehension that music gives a lot of happiness.


Аlla Revenko, 

Creative director of Canadian Success Academy, 

Trainer of transforming, mentor of spirit practice Radga-Jogga,

Co-author of Project:


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