Comment singer Alex Norski the lessons Andrey Danilov.

September 4, 2014

All my conscious life I watched the World of Sinning with great pleasure, but I never meant, that I can belong to that World and become its part. I never meant that I can learn it! Only having lived 30 years I got such opportunity.

My friends recommended me Andrey Danilov as a voice teacher. I won’t describe all my way – two years learning till my first entrance to the stage.

I even did not know whether I am baritone or tenor. I did not believe that audience would ever enjoy my sinning, but Andrey surely led me to my voice, he taught me to listen to myself and analyze the sinning of other singers.

I went to the stage first as a participant of international competition where took part as well the professional singers as the sinning amateurs. I resisted hard, but Andrey put me before a choice: now or never. The applauding of audience became the greatest price for me. I finally believed in me. But I was greatly surprised that I was esteemed not only by audience, but also by members of jury. I won the GRAND-PRIX in that competition!

Since that time I had some performances in Canada and Kazakhstan. The spectators applaud me and I am happy! My dream became reality owing to my Teacher.

Andrey Danilow is not only the professional of international class. He is a devotee of his profession. The people who were lucky to become his students will sing  by all means!!

Alex Norski (Canada-Kazakhstan).


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