Comment of V. Tikchomirov, psychologist, director of Centre Modern Psychology «ARELENA» to the book of Andrey Danilov.

September 19, 2014

A marvelous, interesting and inspiring book!

It makes sure people, who have strong desire to sing, but they are disturbed by internal barriers and suffer under restrictions and negative programs, imposed by society. The main conclusion which I made after having read this book is that each person has his own natural voice of Soul. 

The system invented by the author helps to listen to the own voice of Soul gives possibility for the common man to discover and possess own unique voice.

The sinning makes the person harmonic, instills confidence in themselves and own power, it gives health and joy!

I express great thanks to Andrey Danilov – the talented singer and actor for that he shared his creative experience in his book and gave the people hope of having learned sinning.

Yours faithfully and best wishes,  

Vjacheslav Tikchomirov - psychologist, director of Centre Modern Psychology «ARELENA».



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