Having graduated the conservatory and stating to teach singing, Andrey Danilov began to invent the teaching method, which allows to sing  the people, which have no natural abilities. His researching of possibilities and features of humans’ voice led to invention of special method, which he named «Sound energy». As a result of it, the students of Andrey Danilov won 30 Laureate titles, though they might not even dream of Stage.

Teaching singing Andrey found out, that the correctly customized voice can change the humans’ life drastically. Based on these researching, he invented trainings «Way to yourself. Development of Personality by means of voice». The people get their psychological problems rid by means of own voice. The substance of his method he wrote in the book «Sound Energy. Our Voice Create The New Reality», which was published in Moscow by publishing office «Pero».

On this page are placed presentations of new method «Sound Energy» And Training «Way to Yourself. Development of Personality by Means of Voice», fragments of lessons and trainings.


Method of teaching singing "Sound Energy" and training "Way to Yourself. Development of Personality by Means of Voice".

Fragments of book of Andrey Danilov "Sound Energy. Our Voice Create the New Reality".,    Moscow, "Pero" 2014.

Russian language


Students of Andrey Danilov

Dmitry Starkov - 11 years, schoolchild

Timur Aldabergenov -  23  years, singer

Maxim Borysyuk - 17 years, schoolchild

Natalia Panova - 29 years, TV-produser


Training "Way to Yourself. Development of Personality by means of Voice." 

Presentation of Andrey Danilovs Training 


Fragment of 1st  step.




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